Thursday, 26 September 2013

Corrupt Politicians in India and Brazil

Goody, goody! Gangsters, murderers and sex offenders among Indian politicians are now protected from the law by a Parliamentary bill, no less. To call this revolting is to seriously understate the case. An Indian politician could take part in a repeat of the infamous rape-and-murder in New Delhi in December and get away with it because he's an elected member of parliament! This is absolutely sickening - and what can the Indian public do about it?

Get angry. Really, really angry.

There is a limit to the sort of garbage that these politicans throw at us, and we've let them go for far too long. If 25 percent of Indian politicians have criminal records and they have judicial immunity, this country is going to go downhill.

Now, there might be some good news from Brazil. Brazilians are sick of corruption and showing their anger and at least they're putting enough pressure to make Dilma Rousseff listen. Brazilian politicians are immune to prosecution and the crimes they're accused of are utterly horrifying - murder, the use of slave labor, killing enemies with acid and chainsaws (what the hell???) and so on. It makes me wonder what Indian politicians might have achieved had they been given immunity. Unbelievable. This kind of madness just can't be let to continue, not in India, not in Brazil, not anywhere in the world. Those who abuse power must be thrown behind bars for good.


  1. Do you have any plans for how to fight this problem beyond voting?

  2. I forget who said this - Bertrand Russell? "If voting changed anything, it would be abolished". And there was old Nietzsche, who said "England is a democracy only during its elections". If there were plans on how to fight this that were more effective than voting but did not involve outright violence, I wish I knew. Protests, even peaceful ones, are subject to being brutally put down.