Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Atheists turning misogynistic - guess the brights aren't so bright after all?

Started off from something that I saw on a facebook feed and putting this up here - there's quite a bit of misogyny in atheism. Women are being shouted down in atheist rallies, one atheist threatened to "cop a feel" when a woman complained of sexist behavior, and women in general are being treated as second-class citizens. Which makes the atheists responsible no better than the religious fundamentalists or bigots they hate. (And which, once again, ties in with what Eric Hoffer has to say.)

Putting a couple of links here. This is as disgusting as it is unacceptable, and shows just how little critical thinking is going on in the atheist community regarding their own behavior and beliefs, and that's a horrible sign in more ways than one. Those responsible for misogyny should think back on their behavior and be ashamed of themselves.

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