Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year Bugbears

This is a long list of New Year Bugbears that I have. 2014 is not likely to be a nice year, not any nicer than 1914 was to Europe. So, one century after the First World War, what are we likely to face?

1. Resurgent Fascism across multiple countries.
2. Europe finally plunging from recession into a complete economic collapse after an otherwise insignificant event starts off a domino effect.
3. America going further and further down the drain and starting to suffer from its own resurgent fascism.
4. Greater instability in Chinese international relations, and the possibility of one misguided event starting off a full-blown military conflict between China, Japan and South Korea, with terrifying ramifications for the rest of the world.
5. Pakistan, finally, going bonkers and having something horrible happen in that failed state.
6. Something not in this list turns out to be just as scary as any of those above.

So yeah. Crappy New Year.

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