Tuesday, 11 March 2014

MH370 tracked across the coast - complete insanity prevails - and possible solution? Indian and Indonesian efforts?


How this could possibly have happened beats me, and I'm sure enough people will be scratching their heads about it. The Malaysian Air Defense Network tracked the missing aircraft making a U-turn all the way from the point where it dived and dropped off civilian radar, across the entire Malaysian Peninsula, across from the East to the West coast!

Why the hell did they keep silent on the issue? What if the 777 had been hijacked and was heading for Kuala Lumpur with a suicide attack in mind? This is outrageous. Fighters should have been scrambled at once, and SAM batteries readied.

Of course, with the Air Force keeping its mouth shut about this, it's quite possible that fighters were indeed readied and SAM batteries set to fire, but that this whole thing was kept shut so that a hijack and hostage situation could be dealt with outside the realm of the media, where things would get wild. This is mere speculation, possibly fantasy, and it also assumes that the Malaysian Air Force is indeed extremely competent and has acted in the best manner possible in this incident. If the competence theory holds good, the plane is indeed hijacked and on the ground, and negotiations are underway - or perhaps commandos are ready and waiting to storm the plane, flush out the hijackers and get rid of them, and rescue the passengers and crew.

The worse possibility is that the Malay Air Force has been dreadfully incompetent, and that the plane has been hijacked or taken away by a psychotic/drunk/insane crew to an unknown location. That the plane still physically exists is quite possible, given that passengers' phones are still connected and ringing even when no one picks up the call. Destroyed cell phones from dead passengers don't ring. But where could they be? What rogue group could possibly have a runway large enough to sneak away an airplane that's 63 meters long and has a 63 meter wingspan? This requires the services of a proper airport, and one with a runway broad enough to land a 777! Not something you'd get in the jungle, right?

Unless, of course, the airplane has ditched at sea, and the passengers and crew are dead. Which is the most terrible option and which hopefully isn't true. The "ghost" mobile phones suggest that it's not, but we have to see...

This also means that the Indian Air Force base on Car Nicobar needs to be brought into action, along with the Indonesian Air Force. The Indonesians should have tracked the plane at least part of the way, and the Indian Air Force base could have detected the 777 had it come close to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

All of this, is, of course, speculation. But there's something very wrong going on here, and events simply do not make sense. Now that the actual last contact with the aircraft is known, how far can the aircraft have flown without being detected by radar - by any nation? There were at least 5 more hours of fuel left on the plane when it was last detected, and that's a long way for any aircraft to go. Where is MH370 gone? To be seen. To be seen.


  1. I didn't realize how bizarre this story actually was till I read your analysis of it here. This really is starting to sound like an episode out of a TV show.

    1. Word. It's like something out of "Lost" (where Oceanic Air Flight 815 flies a thousand miles off course to that island) or "The Twilight Zone".