Wednesday, 19 March 2014

MH370 : Why the startlingly simple theory is probably true

Link above. I'm not going to bother explaining Chris Goodfellow's inflight fire theory again because it really is that simple.

Brief questions that need to be answered to make that theory airtight -
1. Did the autopilot revert to settings for a previously flown route and send the plane flying towards a different set of waypoints after the fire broke out? What explains the strange maneuvers that kept the plane at low altitude?

2. What made the autopilot choose to fly the plane over the Southern Indian Ocean if that case were true? What were the settings?

3. Where exactly do the radio cables run? What prevented radio communication while the plane's autopilot and flight systems continued to function? 

Of course, the answers to this dilemma could only come from the DFDR and the CVR, both of which are with the plane, wherever that is.

Fire-induced depressurization, fuselage damage and air contamination could also explain the decision to fly low. Of course, the radio issue is something that could best be answered by a Boeing engineer.

Bar all the flip-flopping and changing statements from the Malaysian authorities, this actually accounts for all the anomalies in the flight.

1. None of the crew had any known reasons to commit suicide, and flying for hours into the open ocean doesn't seem the like the most effective way for a suicidal pilot to go about. Suicide doesn't look sensible.

2. Hijacking / terrorism - a terrorist had plenty of opportunities to turn the plane into a guided missile but sent it heading off into the open ocean. If it was hijacked and landed at an airfield, why has there been no ransom message, no demands, nothing? And even if it was hijacked, what was the motive? A hijacking or act of terror makes no sense, and no group has made any verifiable claims to having taken over the aircraft.

It's probably more sensible than a practical joke gone haywire. And since a 777 already burnt up due to a ground fire in Cairo, it's quite possible that other 777s are also vulnerable to electronics bay fires. Hopefully this theory will turn out to be true in the face of all the utter garbage going about everywhere.

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