Saturday, 15 March 2014

MH370 - What the hell, I called it.

There's about a hundred other news items similar to the one above, all saying the same thing - the search area for MH370 has now been expanded to the Indian coast. I called it two posts below, and true to form, the search area keeps expanding and expanding. Soon enough they'll be searching the jungles of Orissa and Chattisgarh, and the dense forests of the Himalayan foothills for the plane too. This entire exercise looks like a gargantuan waste in money and time.

This freakshow has, understandably, convinced Malaysians that the airliner was hijacked. Even so, where does a hijacked airliner go? It doesn't meander about at sea and vanish - a hijacker planning to land the plane and take the passengers hostage would have to find a pretty big airport to land a 200-plus ton airliner. A hijacker planning to use the plane as a flying bomb would likely have targeted Kuala Lumpur or one of the other major cities of South-East Asia...which never happened. So if the plane was hijacked, what the hell was the hijacker's motive in sending the plane so far out of the way and hidden from radar cover? And how do you hide a plane with a 63-meter wingspan once you've landed it and taken the passengers hostage? The "sky pirate" theory in the news just doesn't answer any of these basic questions.

This isn't like the PLO pulling off its old dirty trick of landing airliners, offloading the passengers and then blowing up the planes on live TV or one of Osama bin Laden's ghoulish schemes...then what the hell is it? Who's responsible for this? A suicidal pilot wouldn't have flown the aircraft away for hours before crashing it. Wouldn't the passengers have put up a brawl with the hijackers if such a thing had happened? Post-9/11, passengers are more likely to be worried about their plane being turned into a flying bomb, and I don't think everyone on board would be willing to sit quietly and be martyred by a group of fanatical maniacs. Even if it were hijacked, how did the hijackers get knives/guns/bombs on the aircraft, or any weapons or instruments with which to pose a credible threat to the pilot and the crew? What's the answer for that? And which passengers were responsible for this crime?

There is other talk on pilots' forums that I haven't linked to here, but the pilots in question suspect that military radar was simply tracking the wrong aircraft throughout, and that the plane actually exploded and burnt up in midair very close to the original search area, and that it was possible for satellites to miss the explosion. Finding the burnt wreckage of the aircraft on the seafloor near the original flight route would be gruesome, but it would put an end to the circus of speculation surrounding the aircraft's fate at present.

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